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Complete Diagnostics :
Yes, vehicles have computers and plenty of them. Since the late eighties computers have taken on greater roles every year in our vehicles to a point now where they have become vital. While to many of us computers and internet access are part of our daily work, we can still live and work without them until they’re back online. If a vehicles computer, commonly referred to as an ECM (Electronic Control Module) or BCM (Body Control Module), is down or doesn’t function correctly, the vehicle may run poorly, may not pass an emissions test, the windows and locks may malfunction or worse, it may not start and run at all. That’s because these days all major functions of an automobile are controlled, and monitored, by computers on their own networks. If something goes wrong with the vehicle, the computer will know and possibly record a fault code long before the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) comes on. Some issues are simple and can be taken care of next time when you visit TTBS for a service. Others are not and, if unchecked, can damage or destroy the vehicles transmission. Unlike your home computer, your vehicles computers data cannot be seen on just any monitor. However, there is a way to retrieve your vehicles stored computer data, with automotive diagnostic equipment at TTBS.

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